Deputy Attorney General for Counter Corruption and new Head of Anti-Corruption Justice Counter (ACJC) for Heavy Crimes are officially Introduced in ACJC.

On June 04, 2018 the two above-mentioned individuals officially started their duties based on suggestion of the AGO leadership and President’s approval, with participation of AG Mr. Mohammad Farid Hamidi, deputies and some of the AGO directors.

Mohammad Alef Orfani is appointed as DAG for Counter Administrative Corruption and Fazel Sultan Safi as General Director of Prosecution Office for Counter Administrative Heavy Crimes in ACJC.


AG Saranpooh Mohammad Farid Hamidi, congratulated Mohammad Alef Orfani’s appointment and thanked the government of Afghanistan for trusting him. According to Mr. Hamidi, the government of Afghanistan’s commitment is to decisively fight corruption. He called these appointments free of political, ethnic, religious and lingual discrimination and added: “These appointments are on merit based, commitment and experience”.